Delete a server

Only static servers can be deleted. You can do this with server delete <server>. The server folder is not deleted!

Start server

To start a server, you can use the server start <name> [count] command. count is an optional parameter and does not have to be passed (standard count: 1).

But with static configuration templates this always starts a new server! To restart an already registered static server, you can use server startstatic <name> <id>. Example to start BuildServer-2: server startstatic BuildServer 2

Stop server

Use the following command to stop a server:

server stop <server> [force]

Optionally, the boolean true or false can be passed to force-stop the server (kill the process).

Patterns like server stop Lobby-* can also be provided or simply separate several servers with a commar: server stop Lobby-1,Lobby-4

Transfare server

A static server is always stored on a specific node. To change the node from a static server you can use the transfer command. Please note that the target node must be connected for this.

server transfer <server> <node>

Other commands

  • ser list

  • ser info <server>

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