Java versions

It is possible to set a separate Java version for each server version. The cloud supports java versions between 8 & 21.

Auto locate

Mit jv auto-locate werden automatisch alle installierten java version aus folgenden verzechnissen geladen und als server version erstellt:


  • Program Files/Java

  • Program Files (x86)/Java


  • /usr/lib/jvm

  • /usr/lib64/jvm

If you use your own installation directory, you can set the property If there is a JAVA_HOME environment variable, this directory will also be scanned.

Locate manually

To locate a java version manually you can use jv locate <name> <path>. This is helpful if you need to localize an existing Java version on another node.

Example: jv locate java-17 /usr/lib/jvm/java17

Other commands

  • jv list

  • jv delete

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