File templates

A file template is a folder that can be found under storage/templates. If the template is used by a configuration-template, all files from the folder are copied to the server folder. A template has a prefix & a name. This could e.g. bedwars/8x1 (bedwars = prefix, 8x1 = name).

Format: prefix-name


Inheritances are useful in the following cases: You have a waiting lobby for bedwars. But you don't want to load these individually into each bedwars template. You create a template bedwars/base. To the other templates bedwars-8x1, bedwars-2x1 etc. you simply add it as an inheritance:

ft edit <name> inherit add <inherit-template>

ft edit <name> inherit remove <inherit-template>


With this command you can send all templates to a specific node.

ft publish node02

Other commands

  • ft info <name>

  • ft list

  • ft create <name> <prefix>

  • ft edit <name> name <new-name>

  • ft edit <name> prefix <new-prefix>

  • ft duplicate <name> [new-name>

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